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16 oz. Double Wicked Candle

Petrichor is the word for the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm.

The word comes from petra, which means stones, and ichor, the ethereal blood of the Greek gods.

Plants release an oil that stops their seeds from germinating when it would be too difficult to survive. The oil soaks into the pores of the stones, and is set free with water. They say it's the smell of waiting, paid off.

An exquisite white floral bouquet of lily and rose petals is met by the clean fresh smell of airy ozone and smooth sandalwood. The ethereal lushness of this scent is a must-have when setting the mood for fall.

Fragrance Notes:
Top: Green Leaves
Middle: Lily of the Valley, Rose
Base: Ozone, Sandalwood

About Fragrance Notes:
Top notes will be the first thing you notice about the candle, and can often be picked up when the candle isn't even lit. Middle notes are at the heart of the scent, and maintain balance. Base notes create depth and warmth, and will stay present in the room long after the candle is extinguished.