Wick Dipper (no more smoke!)

Wick Dipper (no more smoke!)

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Your house smells amazing after burning a nice scented candle! Until you blow it out... Then, all you smell is smoke, your fire alarm goes off and wakes up the baby, when all of the sudden the dog starts freaking out. Not a good time. Here's the solution:

Simply using a Wick Dipper to push a burning wick into the melted wax will extinguish the candle. Then, use the hook to re-center the wick in the jar. Easy.

No more smoke. No more 2 AM fire drills. Only residual zen.

***Grab one of these along with a wick trimmer, and you can consider yourself a candle connoisseur! (you'll also increase the performance and longevity of your candles)***