Fuck Putin *Fundraiser*

Fuck Putin *Fundraiser*

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After reaching our goal of 100 candles in just 24 hours, with 100% of proceeds donated, we have decided to keep this item available in our store to continue fundraising. Going forward, we will be donating 33% of the proceeds from the sale of these candles directly to families in Ukraine via Airbnb.

AirBnb has waived all service fees and are actively helping thousands of families to relocate. After some research, we have selected a few properties that are owned by AirBnb verified individuals (not corporations) and that have an extensive positive review history. Charities are a great way to support, but oftentimes only a portion of donations goes to the actual cause. We would like to help individual families directly and immediately, and we think this is a perfect way to do that.

We stand with Ukraine. FUCK PUTIN.