Candle Making Kit

Candle Making Kit

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Everything you need to make 4 colorful soy candles. Easy to follow, step by step instructions with live support available. Extra dyes and fragrance to choose from. Great for beginners! Perfect for date nights. Free shipping.


Contents Include:

(4) 9 oz. Clear Candle Jars, pre-wicked

(2) 15 oz bags, Soy Wax

(1) Melting / Pouring Pitcher

(1) Thermometer

(5) Assorted Dye Chips

(3) 1 oz Fragrance Oil Bottles of our most popular scents (Oakmoss & Amber, Sea Salt & Orchid, Caribbean Teakwood)

(4) Wick Holders

(4) Clothes Pins

(4) Black Lids

Assorted Labels

Step-by-step instructions


Things you will need that are not included:

Small Sauce Pot

Stirring Spoon (metal is best, plastic is ok, don’t use wood)

Blow Dryer or Heat Gun

Label Decoration (markers, colored pencils, crayons)